Why ZenLuxCo's Products Can Help Elevate Your Selfcare Routines & Skincare Routines

By Ashley Blain

All of ZenLuxCo's products including our sleepwear, beauty tools, accessories, and bed-wear are made to enhance your skincare routines, selfcare routines, and beauty routines. Here is why ZenLuxCo's products can help elevate your routines.

Lets start with ZenLuxCo's Satin Pajama Sets. The pajama sets are PERFECT for not only lounging but also sleeping. I personally love to use them after a nice bubble bath or shower. These pajama sets are made of satin, so it won't absorb the body creams and lotions you apply. They also have a chest pocket to put any hair ties, lip masks, or any small beauty items you have for easy access. The pajamas will make you feel like the queen that you ARE.

Next up is ZenLuxCo's Silk Pillowcase. If you are a skincare person who invests a lot of time and money into your products and you don't own a silk pillowcase, WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? A silk pillowcase is such a smart investment because unlike other fabrics of pillowcases, silk fabric doesn't absorb the serums/oils/creams you so diligently applied to your face. As you sleep through the night, you don't have to worry about your pillowcase absorbing the products and essentially throwing your money down the drain.

Next is ZenLuxCo's Strawberry Lip Mask! Not only does this lip mask smell like literal strawberries, but it's SO HYDRATING it's not even funny. This lip mask turns into an almost oil once its only your lips, so its not sticky or tacky at all. Just like your skin can dry up if you don't use hydrating products so can your lips if you don't use a hydrating lip product!

If you have a favorite serum, or sheet mask that you use diligently, and don't own a facial roller, is your skin REALLY absorbing those products? ZenLuxCo's Face Roller can help with the absorption of your serums and face oils. Not only does using a face roller help with the absorption of your products, it also helps to sculpt your face. All of our faces contain lymph nodes that can make our faces appear puffier than what it really is. Consistently using a face roller can help drain out these lymph nodes, so our face can become slimmer more defined over time.

Last but not least is ZenLuxCo's Spa Headband. Having a selfcare routine and skincare routine without using one of these is not a smart move. Nothing worse than applying your favorite sheep mask or face mask, and your hair keeps getting in the way. These headbands keeps your hair away from your face as you indulge in all things YOU. It can also be used while taking a bubble bath and applying makeup.

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