The Importance of Gratitude

By Dominique Carson

Economist Adam Smith once said, "Entitlement is such a cancer because it is void of gratitude". So when I read this quote, it was motivational, and it encouraged others to have a gregarious attitude towards life and others. The world does not owe you anything; you have to put your best foot forward and work for what you want in life. Entitlement is an error because others believe they should have special treatment or inherent specific principles or activities.

However, when a person shows gratitude, it keeps them sane and centers your life, and you are appreciative for the things and people in your life. To me, gratitude prompts me to enjoy the simple things in life: sight, having a pep in my life, smiling, and laughter. God did not have to wake me this morning, yet I have another day to obtain my goals and honor Him.

We are aware of the word, gratitude but what is the etymology of the word gratitude? The term gratitude stems from the Latin word "gratitudo" and "gratis" meaning "thankfulness" agreeable, favor, accessible, pleasing, and gratuity. After reviewing the term as an adult, you should have the readiness and desire to deliver expeditiously. When someone SINCERELY cares about people and decides to help, we present kindness as a favor to them. Folks want to be honored for their hard work and acts of service.

Gratitude exemplifies generosity and positivity, and it is orderly conduct in all religions, including Christianity, Buddism, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Catholic. Each religion has texts or quotes highlighting the importance of gratitude and why it is a universal motto for everyone. When we practice a specific faith, more than likely, it prompts us to have a greater sense of gratitude. When we give God the praise, at that very moment, we are showing appreciation to Him, our Savior.

Overall, as a society, our telo should be "live a fruitful life, and if you do not like something in your life, rearrange it to your liking". While we are aiming for success, do not forget about others who helped us along the way. Everyone once had a teacher who gave them the necessary implements to master a skill, task, or lesson in life. Therefore, it is your responsibility to present your gratitude; it is good karma, improves your relationships with others, and lessens negativity in your space. Gratitude is a virtue offered with actions and deeds stemming from a wholehearted spirit.

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