What is A Oeko Tex Certified Silk Pillowcase And Why Are They The Best Pillowcases?

By Ashley Blain

How is Oeko Tex Certified defined? Oeko Tex Certified means the fabrics are certified and free of harmful chemicals. Having this stamp also means it is safe for human use. Oeko Tex Certified fabrics go through vigorous testing to make sure it contains no harmful chemicals and toxic chemicals that can be a detriment to human health. 

Some of these harmful chemicals these tests detects includes formaldehyde, heavy metals, pesticides, phthalates, solvents, and other harmful chemicals. Why is it important that your luxury silk pillowcase is Oeko Tex Certified?

We spend a good portion of our life sleeping, so investing in good bedding is imperative. Making sure your bedding and pillowcase is safe to use and good quality is an important choice and decision to make. Silk pillowcase are the best investment you can make when choosing a silk pillowcase for your sleeping needs. Not only are silk pillowcases, anti wrinkle silk pillowcases, they are also luxury silk pillowcases because silk fabric is the epitome of luxury. Couple that with it being an oeko tex certified silk pillowcase, and you are making the BEST choice for your sleeping needs!

ZenLuxCo's Silk Pillowcases are Oeko tex certified silk pillowcases. They have an assortment of a luxury silk pillowcases and anti wrinkle pillowcase that comes in three different colors.

Next time you are going bedding shopping and luxury silk pillowcase shopping, make sure it is Oeko tex certified!

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