New York Champagne Week-An Insider Look

We were so graciously invited to New York Champagne Week's Bold Babes, Bold Bubbles event and boy oh boy was it quite the event!

Located at the Maison 10 art gallery venue and hosted by New York Champagne Week founder Blaine Ashley, this event explored champagnes made from the fabulous French women winetasters. Some of the champagnes included Champagne Cordeuil Père et Fille, Champagne Piot-Sévillano, Champagne Le Gallais, Champagne Dauby Mère et Fille and Champagne Veuve Olivier et Fils.

When we first arrived, we were captivated by the art work that graced Maison 10.

Maison 10 artwork

Maison 10 art

We made our way upstairs and was greeted by the fabulous attendees of the event. Everyone was so warm, welcoming, nicely dressed and truly came to impress.

After doing some networking, the panelist discussion started which we were so excited for! The panelist included journalist Megan Murphy who was the moderator, Marilee Bramhall who is founder and creator of Iola Wines, Blaine Ashley who is the creator of New York Champagne Week, Cara Alwill who is the founder of Champagne Diet, and last but not least Makeda Saggau Sackey, who is the creator of Glamazon Diaries.  

After the panel session was finished, we got to chitchat with Makeda and Blaine and took a wonderful photo! 

Founder and CEO of ZenLuxCo with Blaine Ashley and Makeda

Founder and CEO of ZenLuxCo Ashley Blain and Founder of Glamazon Diaries Makeda Saggau Sackey

Thank you to the New York Champagne Week team and Founder and CEO Blaine Ashley for extending the invite to us! We are honored to have covered such a fabulous event. 


Alice Moore

I’ve been to this gallery before :) It’s one of my favorites.

Ivy Walker

The artwork is beautiful there!

Leslie Williams

This made me want to visit NYC even MORE now :(

Hazel Miller

A true New York City moment. Overflow of champagne at an art gallery.

Chloe Perez

I love how this event took place at an art gallery. Very cool

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