Koktails with KOKET & LLADRO Event- An Insider Look

We recently attended the Koktails with KOKET & LLADRÓ hosted at the new LLADRÓ concept store in Soho, and it truly was an event worthwhile!

When you first walk in, you are captivated by the luxury furniture and porcelain artwork that surrounds the store. The ambiance was truly the perfect blend of luxury, elegance, design, fine art and creativity. 

KOKET is a luxury bespoke furniture brand, where the pieces are all hand made. Because the pieces are handmade you will be the owner of each art piece that is specially made for you. At KOKET, you can customize your piece according to your taste and needs, as they are all made to order. Their pieces add a nice feminine touch to your interiors and we highly recommend shopping their for your next furniture piece!

LLADRO is a Spanish brand dedicated since 1953 to the creation of art porcelain figurines and fine home décor. Beautiful pieces of these porcelain figurines decorated every inch of the store, and you can easily see how unique each piece is. 

The beautiful bald eagle porcelain sculpture on the left is by sculptor Alfredo Llorens. As described on the LLADRÓ website, the sculpture is described as: "The eagle, the queen of the sky, is portrayed in this creation from the Wild Soul collection. All over the world this impressive and beautiful creature represents power, majesty and freedom and is often the symbol of empires and nations. This piece is made in glazed white porcelain and decorated with details in coppery luster. The truly striking result is perfect for decorating booth classic and contemporary interiors."

The absolutely stunning African beauty porcelain sculpture on the right is by Raul Rubio. As described on the LLADRÓ website, the sculpture is described as: "The culture, symbolism and color of Africa are the sources of inspiration for this work. The facial features of the woman depicted in this bust are exquisitely sculpted in matte porcelain while the headscarf she is wearing is one of the most widely used and recognizable accessories in African clothing. In reproducing this item of dress, Lladró artists have paid special attention to the wealth of the patterns and the vibrant coloring. On one hand, they have etched by hand all the details of the pattern and, on the other, they have decorated it with copper, pink, black and golden lusters." 

The partnership event with KOKET and LLADRÓ, who are both known for their commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and classic timeless beauty, made it a must-attend event. After some browsing was done by attendees wine and macaroons were served. Of course, you can NEVER go wrong with that pairing!

Thank you to the team at KOKET and LLADRÓ for extending an invite to this fabulous event!


Nancy S

I love how each art-piece at Lladro is uniquely made for each customer. Great read

Tracy G

New York City has the best events

Dennis G

Great write up!! I have to take a visit soon.

Leslie Williams

Both are such great concept stores!

Leslie Williams

Both are such great concept stores!

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