Is Beauty Sleep A Compliment?

By Ashley Blain

Is beauty sleep a compliment?

We all know how important sleep is. It is recommended that you receive 6-8 hours of sleep every night, but is that doable?

Personally for me, I receive about 5-6 hours of sleep of day. It is a true luxury to be able to sleep 6-8 hours of night. Sleep is not only a necessity for your overall health and livelihood, but it also plays a factor in your beauty and overall appearance. Beauty sleep can be described as sleep that promotes your overall appearance, livelihood, wellness and of course BEAUTY!

When in sleep mode, there is a lot of things happening to your body. This includes creation of new cells, the skin healing itself and many many more. It is the crucial time when the body gets to heal itself inside out. Getting extra sleep is not just about letting your body get sufficient shut eye, but also allowing the body to recreate and heal itself from the damage done from the previous day.

Not getting enough sleep and beauty sleep can have negative effects. Of which includes, accelerated aging, increased acne and breakouts and negative effects on mood. When you don't receive enough sleep and beauty sleep, it takes a toll on your physical appearance. Nobody wants under eye bags, lackluster skin, and more wrinkles? Falling asleep before midnight, is the best time of day to get your 8- 10 hours.

ZenLuxCo can help you achieve beauty sleep with their products. Their 2 Piece Satin Pajama Sets and their Silk Pillowcases, can help you achieve your beauty sleep? Investing in good, quality, valuable sleepwear and bedding helps you to achieve beauty sleep, and get the shut eye you are craving. The pajamas can be describes as zen wear, because not only are they comfortable and cozy, they also help you to sleep in luxury at an affordable price. Their silk pillowcases are oeko-tex certificate certified and also improves your beauty sleep. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase helps to improve the quality of your skin by helping it retain moisture, and preserves the skincare on your face. It also helps improve the quality of your hair by reducing frizziness. It truly is a zen beauty moment, as you are getting your shut eye while also preserving your beauty.

Is beauty sleep a compliment? It sure is!

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