Words of Affirmation Love Language by Ashley Blain

By Ashley Blain:

Words of Affirmation- The objective of this Love Language entails giving yourself pep talks and encouraging yourself to be the best you. There's nothing wrong with being your own #1 supporter.

Here are 4 practical easy ways to practice Words of Affirmation:

  • Giving Yourself Random Compliments- Confidence boosters you give to yourself, are one of the best ways to practice Words of Affirmation. Positive self talk is not only good for your mental well being, but can also work as mood boosters. Words of Affirmation can include simple phrases such as, 'I look so cute today' or 'You accomplished a lot today' It can be simple random phrases you give to yourself.
  • Writing In a Gratitude Journal- Writing down what you are grateful for helps us to see we have so much to be grateful for more than we realize. The more grateful you are the more good you see. The more we come to terms with how much we have to be grateful for, the more we realize how much there is to be grateful for. Having an attitude of gratitude helps us to shift our perspective to being more appreciative of what we already have.
  • Turning Down The Volume Of Your Inner Critic- Negative self talk can be so detrimental to not only our mental health, but it can also deter you from accomplishing your dreams and desires. No human being is perfect, and we all at some point have done this. Making a habit of talking back to your inner critic with positive self talk, can help deter away these notions.
  • Journaling Your Dreams And Desires-Writing down your goals and dreams is another way to practice Words of Affirmation. Not only does manually writing down your dreams and goals help bring them into fruition, it also helps you to visualize what you truly want to bring to life. Having a journal where you jot down your desires and what you want accomplished, also helps with the development of our personal growth. ZenLuxCo's gratitude journal comes FREE with every order on their site!

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