Quality Time Love Language by Ashley Blain

By Ashley Blain:

Quality Time- The objective of this love language is to be more present in your life. Not only for others but for yourself. This also means developing a loving space and attitude for alone time. This means not only giving yourself the space and time to know yourself but to also find opportunities of getting to love yourself more. 

Here are 5 practical easy ways to practice the Quality Time love language to self:

  • Not Over Scheduling And Overworking Yourself- Sometimes we just have to put our phone on do not disturb, and free the rest of our schedule in the name of selfcare. Over working yourself is a sure way for burnout. Allocating your time where you don't over schedule yourself is a great way to protect yourself from mental and physical exhaustion.
  • Making Time For Leisure- Sometimes our lives can get so busy so making time for simple leisure and relaxation not only promotes our well being and mental health, but it also serves as a charging time for our bodies to reset.
  • Finding A Creative Outlet For Your Interests And Passions- Having a creative outlet where you can explore your passions in your alone time is so healthy. It gives us a way to express ourselves and allows us the space to give time to what truly matters to us.
  • Spending Time With Positive Individuals- We all know how detrimental a Negative Nancy or a Debby Downer is. Spending your time with positive influences in your life is not only good for your mental well being, but it also promotes positive energy to circulate around you.
  • Prioritizing Rest And Sleep- A good nights sleep is so underrated, but it is one of the healthiest things we can do. Prioritizing a good nights rest and tracking your sleep schedule, so we can be in a good headspace is so important.
  • Our selfcare routines are also apart of dedicating quality time to ourselves. ZenLuxCo's spa headbands are the perfect accessory to have for all your bath needs and selfcare needs!

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