Gift Giving Love Language by Ashley Blain

By Ashley Blain:

Gift Giving- The objective of this Love Language entails treating yourself and knowing you don't have to achieve anything to treat yourself and reward yourself.

Here are 4 practical easy ways to practice Gift Giving on self:

  • Understanding You Don't Need To Achieve Anything To Reward Yourself- We should all make it a habit to reward ourselves just because for no reason at all. Rewarding ourselves for simple reasons or no reason at all, helps boost our mood, and helps us to appreciate ourselves. Better self appreciation in turn improves our confidence.
  • Not Only Buying What You Want, But Buying Necessities You Need- Of course buying things we want is always fun, but also buying what you need is equally as important.
  • Treating Yourself To Something Special- Treating ourselves to things we like is a sure way we can practice the Gift Giving Love Language on ourselves. Whether that is through online shopping or buying a favorite pastry, treating ourselves to simple indulgences helps us feel special and increases feelings of selflove. ZenLuxCo's selfcare kits are a sure way to gift yourself something you would enjoy
  • Not Only Gifting Yourself With Something Physical But Also An Experience- Of course treating ourselves to physical gifts is fun, but sometimes treating ourselves to a getaway trip or staycation can be equally as needed. Whether that is a trip out of the country or a staycation in your state, gifting ourselves with new experience and new places takes gift giving to a whole new level.

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