Acts of Service Love Language by Ashley Blain

By Ashley Blain:

Acts of Service- The objective of this Love Language entails doing small acts of kindness for yourself to make life more enjoyable in every way possible. Any small or large action that promotes your own well being and further assists your everyday life and routine. 

Here are 4 practical easy ways to practice Acts of Service:

  • Decluttering Your Space- Decluttering your space not only helps us to be more organized in our daily routine, it can also help to clear our headspace to have more clarity to focus on other important things. Having control of your space not only promotes your well being, but it allows us to be more efficient to handle other tasks.
  • Seeking Therapy And Counseling If Needed For Your Mental Health- Acts of Service includes doing anything that promotes the well being of our mental health. Seeking help when needed is selflove and we can't extend love to others if we don't extend love ourselves.
  • Delegating Tasks At Work And Home- Becoming overwhelmed in your work and tasks can be so detrimental to your well being and even mental health. It is so important to delegate your tasks and organize your home and space.
  • Unfollowing And Unfriending Anything That Can Be Toxic And Trigger You- Unfollowing, blocking and unfriending anything that can trigger you and be a detriment to your mental health is so imperative to maintain a healthy well being.
  • Following a good skincare routine and selfcare routine are also acts of service your inner self and physical body would appreciate. Incorporating ZenLuxCo's face roller can help elevate your selfcare routine and skincare routine as apart of acts of service long language towards yourself.

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